Proper Use of Knee Support Devices to Manage Osteoarthritis

People use Mueller braces and supports for a broad range of conditions affecting the knees. Osteoarthritis is just one example. Certain types of supports and braces are better for specific problems than others are, so the patient should get a recommendation from an orthopedic doctor or physical therapist before making a purchase.

Development of Arthritis

Osteoarthritis in this joint typically develops over time due to normal wear and tear on the knee. Many men and women have the condition to some degree by middle age or the senior years. It may be accelerated when someone regularly overuses the joint or experiences a knee injury. Younger adults who work in jobs that put a great deal of stress on the knees are at greater risk of needing knee replacement by middle age. Just one example is people who work in roofing, as they spend a lot of time kneeling on hard surfaces.

An Example

There also are specific types of osteoarthritis that are categorized as to how they affect the joints. Unicompartmental knee arthritis, for instance, can be effectively managed with an unloader brace. Men and women can maintain their quality of life and stay active when wearing one of these braces as directed. The brace should help them avoid or delay the need for knee replacement surgery.

Diagnosis and Device Choice

When someone’s knee starts to ache for any reason, the idea of going to a drugstore and buying an over-the-counter support may seem tempting. However, using the wrong type of device can actually worsen the problem. The person must have a definitive diagnosis from a medical practitioner and learn which knee braces and supports from a supplier like Mueller Sports Medicine are best for this condition.

Personal Trainers and Physical Therapists

This individual might wonder whether a personal trainer at the fitness center can diagnose the problem and recommend the right device. This is not the job of personal trainers. Once a diagnosis has been made, though, the trainer can help the client learn how to exercise without overusing the knee joint. Overuse is a main cause of knee pain, even for people without arthritis.

The equipment does provide support for the joint, but patients are not supposed to rely totally on braces and supports to manage their condition. Instead, they should be exercising to keep the joint as strong and flexible as possible. That’s where the assistance of a personal trainer or physical therapist is valuable.


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